5 Proven Strategies To Get More Views On TikTok 

get more views on tiktok

Do you know an interesting fact? TikTok has grown to be the world’s seventh most popular social media application in just five years. TikTok’s popularity has beaten Twitter by engaging millions of audiences daily. With 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok’s popularity continues to grow worldwide. If you want to blow up your TikTok profile, it is highly important to research through and implement winning marketing strategies

The essential key to get more views on TikTok is understanding how the algorithm works and creating high-quality content accordingly. You are now at the right place to know some of the proven tips that can get your content show up on the “For You Page as well as a few best tips for getting more TikTok video views. 

#1: Create Short Videos

Though TikTok allows every user to share up to 3 minutes long videos, recent research found that videos under 30 seconds have a great potential to get into the TikTok For You Page (FYP). Many TikTok experts and influencers found that videos that are exactly 7 seconds long work in favor of the TikTok algorithm. 

Make short videos with original content and attract new audiences to your profile to increase your video engagement. With increased usage, digital customers and new brands find it a  great opportunity to exhibit their presence on TikTok by publishing short videos consistently. So create short videos to make audiences loop back to watch your TikTok content, and boost interaction. 

#2: Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are important to improve the ranking of your TikTok videos. Use a mix of a few trending, branded, and generic hashtags to improve your video visibility and discoverability on TikTok. Moreover, adding relevant hashtags will make it easier for the TikTok algorithm to show your content to people who are interested in your brand or profile. 

Using specific and relevant hashtags will help you reach your target audience and increase video views on TikTok. When your videos get more views, your likes and followers will undoubtedly increase on TikTok. 

#3: Share Tutorials & How To Videos

The brands on TikTok are looking forward to find the best strategy to boost video views. If you are wondering about how to get real views on TikTok, you need to pick the video styles that seem to be going extremely well. For instance, how-tos and tutorial videos are getting non-stop engagement nowadays. These types of video posts are sure to attract TikTok views in large numbers. 

Nowadays, TikTok is becoming the best tool for marketers to teach their audience about their products or services. Sharing tutorials and how-to videos will make your audience interact with you and build a great connection between them. 

TikTok is an engaging platform with popular sounds and viral effects that keeps changing daily. Users can find the TikTok trends by watching the videos on the For You Page regularly. The most popular sounds and audio clips are displayed here. The FYP is a page where you can see tons of popular videos with branded hashtags and effects. 

Everyone loves to watch trending content on TikTok. Hence, incorporating the famous sounds in your TikTok videos helps attract a new audience to your profile. To use a trending sound, select the video and tab use audio to make a creative video with trending sound. 

#5: Promote TikTok Videos 

Creating and sharing trending TikTok videos will increase your reach on TikTok but not the greater extent until it appears on the FYP. To gain more audience attention, use other social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube and grab users’ attention for your TikTok content.

To promote your TikTok videos on other platforms, simply click the “share button” on the right side of your video screen. Here, you see the option to share it to a major social network. Now, choose the platform where you want to share your TikTok content to boost engagement and reach. 

Final Thoughts

No matter whether you are a business or content creator, TikTok is the perfect place to gain more reach and visibility. Many TikTok users are uploading their own content to increase their exposure and boost video views among their target audience on the platform. However, these five engaging tips will help you to get more views on TikTok and improve your overall engagement rate and reach. 

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