Instagram Collabs: Everything You Need To Know In 2023

Instagram Collabs Everything You Need To Know In

Instagram is constantly improving and introducing new features to improve the user experience. One of the recent additions to the platform is Instagram Collabs, which lets users collaborate with other users. If you are a marketer looking for ways to supercharge your branded content, it is the perfect time to start using Instagram collabs feature. Users can increase their content reach and engagement with this effortless tab and grab target audiences from another account. 

Instagram collaborations let your post appear in another IG account’s feeds, which helps you and your collaborators increase likes, views, comments, and shares to the same post. Let’s jump into how to use this amazing feature and find tips to maximize the result of your Instagram collab. 

What Are Instagram Collabs?

It is a new Instagram feature that allows creators to collaborate with other users on the platform. With this feature, you can co-author a post or reels with other brands, influencers, or popular users to increase your audience growth. Once the account accepts your request for collaboration, your posts appear on both of your feeds and your reach gets expanding.

Popular Instagram content creators use this feature to collaborate with other creators to grab the attention of their target audiences. Even brands can use collab features to partner with other brands to improve their business reach and awareness. 

Benefits of Using Instagram Collabs

Though it has the ability to share a post on two profiles simultaneously, the Instagram collabs comprise the potential to boost the visibility and reach of all of your posts. In addition, there are other ways the feature can add value to your IG profile. 

#1: Reach A New Audience

By publishing the post by using Instagram collabs, show up your content on both users’ profiles. Therefore, it enables your content to get in front of other users’ views. You can easily reach new audiences and introduce your brand or creator account to them. Using the Instagram collabs feature, users can easily promote their brands, services, or creativity to a potential audience as a brand collaborates with a user related to your niche to reach your target audience to enhance your business awareness. 

#2: Boosting Engagement

If you want to show your content to wider audiences, use Instagram collabs to increase your video engagement from both communities. As a result, the likes, views, and comments received from the other user account also get counted to your post from total engagement rate. A post with insufficient likes will not get featured on the Instagram explore page. Hence, people who don’t have sufficient engagement just head on to search about how to  maximize reach.  This would help them find a solution to increase likes count for both existing and upcoming posts. When your posts have a balanced engagement rate, people start to trust you and perform actions to improve your popularity.

#3: Increasing Sales

Additionally, Instagram allows users to collaborate on shoppable posts. With this collaboration, many people will see your products or services and quickly boost your revenue. This will significantly increase the chances of attracting your target audience and generating more sales for your business. 

How To Use Instagram Collabs Feature 

Using the Instagram collabs feature and creating a post is just like posting normal reels and posts. Use the steps below to create the Instagram collabs feature. 

Step 1: As usual, create a new feed post or reels.

Step 2: Add any effects or filters to make your content attractive. 

Step 3: Next, tap on the caption/setting page.

Step 4: Click “Tag people.”

Step 5: Here, you will see two options – “Tag people” and “Invite collaboration.” Select “Invite collaboration.”

Step 6: Now, you’ll be able to search for an account to collaborate. Once you choose the account, click “done.”

Step 7: Next, add captions and share the post. Then the collaborators you selected will receive an invite in their DMs. They must accept this invitation for your post to appear on their feed. 

Final Thoughts

As a creator, it is essential to know how to use the Instagram collabs feature and also need to have great ideas to leverage the power of these features to your advantage. Whether you are a brand, business, marketer, or influencer, the collabs feature will help you to attract new people and boost your reach and engagements. Make the most of the ideas above and start creating Instagram collabs today to expand your reach among a wider audience. 

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