5 Engaging Post Ideas For Creative Instagram Entrepreneurs

One of the most common questions we get often is what to post on Instagram as a creative entrepreneur. It can be a bit overwhelming if you are new to using Instagram for your business. Still, if you follow the right strategy and know what to post on Instagram, you can definitely reach your potential audience and increase your business reach. Knowing what to post on Instagram is essential when you are using Instagram for your business. 

As an entrepreneur sharing great content will grow business and build trust with your potential audience. Additionally, posting quality videos about your brands will help your audience know more about your business and eventually buy from you. In this article, I’ll share five engaging post ideas to upscale your business on Instagram as an entrepreneur. 

#1: Share Your Story

People follow you on Instagram because they want to learn some useful information about you and your brand. So share a valuable and interesting story with your audience to boost your video engagement rate. On Instagram, people may connect with people, but they won’t connect with you unless you share your brand story. 

Tell people about your business and show how you work for your company. Sharing a business story will build trust and a great relationship between you and your target audiences. 

#2: Take People Behind The Scenes

Showing the scene behind the screen of your business can help your potential audience to connect with your account on a deeper level. Instagram reels are the best video feature to share behind the videos with your audience. Using Instagram reels to take the audience behind the scenes of your business increases brand reach and awareness. 

As an entrepreneur, share your workspace or office behind the scene videos to improve your video engagement rate. The success rate of Instagram marketing depends on higher engagement. So gaining more Instagram reels views and likes shoot up the visibility and popularity of your reels content

#3: Show How You Can Help

Whenever people ask what content to post on Instagram, I suggest providing videos that value your audience. Tell people how you or your business can help your audience in real time because this makes them check what you offer and sell on Instagram.

Make sure to add a line in your Instagram profile that represents who you are and what you do. Plus, create videos related to your business so people can know how your brands can help them. Share a how-to or tutorial video and show your products or services that can help your audience and make them engage. 

#4: Promote Your Content

Instagram is a great place to share various content with your potential audience. As a creative entrepreneur, sharing creative content that authentically promotes your brand is essential. If you are creating YouTube videos, publishing blog posts, or recording podcast episodes, share a preview or snippets with your Instagram followers to boost their interaction. 

Additionally, Instagram can be a great way to repurpose content in other social media channels, and it also promotes your content reach. As an entrepreneur, promote your brand on Instagram reels, stories, and IGTV and attract many new audiences to your Instagram profile. 

#5: Engage Your Audience

One of the interesting things about Instagram is that it allows brands and businesses to engage with their potential audience regularly. Provide something interesting and encourage your audience to connect with you and your business. The easiest way to interact with your target audience is by asking questions. 

Use Instagram stories to post Q&A and encourage your potential audience to answer the question through the comments or direct message. In addition, use the poll stickers and emoji sliders to get your post’s feedback and engage your audience. 

Wrapping up

Still if you are not sure what to post on Instagram, ask your audience what they want to see from you. Creating videos that resonate with the audience is the most effective way to improve your profile reach and visibility on Instagram. Use the Instagram inbuilt video features to make the most of your business and get a better reach for your brand. So the above five tips will provide a great idea to post content on Instagram and grow your business awareness among a wider audience.